A SANO Membership gives you

Small Group Sessions

Each week members will have access to small group training sessions in addition to their individually assigned strength and conditioning program.

Strength & Conditioning Classes

Deck Sweat

Fitness, form and fun! Using a unique circuit format, we'll focus on your movement technique and form whilst enjoying a whole body, strength-based workout that’s a lot of fun.

Strength Masterclass

Learn the most effective fundamental movements to safely build strength and stability. With an experienced coach, feel and learn how resistance training can combat the effects of ageing.

HIIT Express

A shorter session that involves the use of only research validated ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ protocols. Mainly focused on aerobic activities.

Recovery, Mobility and Core Classes

Yoga & Pilates

Yoga and Mat Pilates sessions will help increase flexibility, stability and core strength. We also provide a 'SANO hybrid' of these two established practices.

Mind, Mobility, Breath

Pause and take stock. Feel what an active investment into mental and physical recovery is like. Learn and use practical tools such as breathwork, mindfulness and tissue release to help you focus, reset and regenerate.

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