A SANO Membership gives you...

Regular check in & updates

Receive regular attention with a SANO specialist as well as a musculo-skeletal assessment with one of our Physiotherapists. The information garnered from regular interactions allows every detail of your personal program to be totally suited to you and your needs.

Physiotherapy Consultation

  • Historical physical needs assessed.

  • Treatment on current areas requiring attention.

  • Details of consultation inform the program provided by your performance manager.

Strength & Conditioning Program

  • One-on-one personal coaching sessions.

  • Program design is tailored around physiotherapy assessment and personal goals.

Comprehensive personal
health reports

We perform a detailed personal check in to track key markers of health and performance, or those that are more aligned with members’ personal goals. We will ‘look under the skin’ and ‘beyond the mirror’ to assess functioning of key internal measures of blood (fingerpick) and body composition. Rather than a standard set of additional assessments, each quarterly check-in will be based on each person’s needs and focus areas. This may include consultation with other SANO experts in Nutrition, Stress and Sleep.  The quarterly check-in serves to regularly ensure the entire membership service is being effective and addressing the correct areas.

Blood Biochemistry

Fingerprick analysis, includes lipid profile:

  • Cardiovascular health markers: Total cholesterol + HDL, LDL, Blood Glucose.

  • Diabetes marker: HBa1%

Body Composition Via ‘InBody’

  • Assessment of relative level of body fat mass (Kg, %) and skeletal muscle changes.

  • A non-invasive test, done via ‘InBody’ machine, using bioelectrical impedance method.

Additional Assessment Options

  • Strength testing.

  • Movement screening.

  • Nutrition assessment.

  • Stress and/or mindfulness scales.

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