Get the results you want with
Australia's newest private performance facility
Get the results you want with
Australia's newest private performance facility

At SANO we help people achieve growth by empowering and supporting them. 

Our holistic approach revolves around four key pillars that build the foundation for a happy and balanced life.

Knowledge. Tools. Support. Privacy.

For us, success is getting you to a point where you don't need us anymore.

We will give you the knowledge

to inform your health journey.

Creating change and growth starts with understanding and knowledge. Once you understand what works and how to get the best balance in your life, success is all but guaranteed. That's why for us, the measure of our success is getting you to the point where you no longer need us anymore!

Personalised programs and advice

  • Personalised mind/body/lifestyle programs

  • Private coaching & teaching

Group community knowledge

  • Masterclass workshops

  • Surge intensive training blocks

  • Group "Urban Retreat" experiences

Expert knowledge and guidance

  • 1-1 physiotherapy sessions

  • 1-1 Dietitian sessions

  • 1-1 Mindfulness & breathwork sessions

We will give you the tools

to shape your mind & body with 24/7 with secure access

Our state-of-the-art facility gives you access to everything you need on your self-improvement journey, conveniently located in the heart of Kew. 

Premium equipment for Stress & Recovery

All the equipment you need to positively stress your body and help it recover, enabling you to get the best results possible.

  • Strength & conditioning equipment

  • Infrared saunas
    & cold plunge pool

  • Performance recovery
    & massage equipment

Small group
training classes

Join morning classes to kick start your day with our team of experts and our like-minded small community.

  • Strength training class

  • Whole body circuit class

  • Yoga & Mat Pilates

Data based
descision making

Get the information you need to inform an effective personal approach with comprehensive health reporting.

  • Biochemistry analysis

  • Body composition scan

  • Progress trend reporting

We will give you the support

to make a long term difference.

Our support is what sets us apart. Improving knowledge and tools can only get you so far. We have a team of well-regarded experts in their field that work with you on a personal level. We will "meet you where you're at" to help you push through challenges to achieve success.

Personal attention
and tailored

Through care and respect for your circumstances, get an approach that is tailored to your current needs. This may be related to mindset, physical health or lifestyle habits.

  • Personal mentorship

  • Mindset and mental strength coaching

  • Scientifically validated tools and methods

Team of wellness and performance experts

Get inspired and motivated with your personal performance manager and a team of experienced coaches who will support your every need.

Our team has worked extensively with people from all backgrounds. This has ranged from time-poor businesspeople and busy parents to elite professional athletes.

In the comfort of privacy

with limited memberships available.

There's no sign out the front of our building and you won't see photos of our members on social channels, because your privacy matters. Your health and wellness is a personal and private experience and we are grateful to be entrusted to help you along this journey.

This is a private facility with very limited memberships to ensure we prioritise your individual needs.

All you need for ongoing success

but don't take our word for it.

The best way to understand if you can benefit from the knowledge, tools & support SANO provides is to experience it. That's why we welcome you to book a private tour! The tour includes a one-on-one discussion where we can learn more about you, your circumstances and your needs.

Start getting the results you've always wanted.
Join Australia's newest private performance facility...